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FIFA Wold Cup Final: Match Preview & Predicted Lineups

It’s here, it’s finally here! 210 teams competed, 872 matches played, and 2,454 goals scored for the chosen 32 to get to the biggest stage in football. And another 63 battles fought, 163 goals scored and almost 3 million people filling in the seats in Russia while many, many more watched from their homes and […]

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Dream Believe Achieve: Umesh Yadav

Umesh Yadav is a known name across India; the fast bowler has taken the nation by storm. But what most don’t know is that he comes from a very humble background. Born, October 25, 1987, Yadav, who represents Vidarbha in domestic cricket, hails from a tiny village called Valli, outside Nagpur. His father used to […]

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Pundits Preview: Germany vs Mexico

For me, it’s a no-brainer here, with Germany vs Mexico. Of course, it will be Germany! They are not only the title defenders and one of the best teams around but have lost to Mexico only once before. My odds are on Thomas Muller as the first goalscorer as he is most consistent and has […]

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Pundits Review: Argentina vs Iceland

Argentina is an iconic team, it has always been. They have some of the best players in their kitty. But in yesterday’s match, there was an obvious lack of coordination amongst the team members. Iceland on the other hand simply needs to work on its attack for future games. It was great that Hannes Halldorsson’s […]

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Pundits Preview: Denmark vs Peru

In Denmark vs Peru, we already have an underdog — Peru — coming back after 36 years! My take on best player — Eriksen of Denmark (11 goals out of 22 in qualifiers) or Guerrero of Peru, as they are both the most experienced players on the pitch; although it could be Jefferson Farfan of […]

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Pundits Preview: Portugal vs Spain

It’s a tough call between Spain and Portugal; the former, because they’ve had a consistent record the past few times, and the latter because they’ve the world’s best player with them! This will be one, very interesting game to watch. – Anushree Janakiraman

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Dream Believe Achieve: Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

Gurpreet Singh Sandhu may be from Mohali, Punjab, but he is the goalkeeper for Bengaluru FC and a good one at that! But his real claim to fame is that he is the first Indian to have played a competitive match for a top division European club! Gurpreet started playing at the age of 8 […]


Football Academies in Delhi

Over the past decade, football has grown tremendously in popularity. With the Under-17 World Cup, the advent of ISL and also the on-going Intercontinental Cup; the number of young athletes looking to get into competitive football is increasing by the day. KheloMore, with our core value of working towards increasing participation in sport at the […]