Zumba, a result of a “happy accident”


Imagine people merely performing and practicing their daily workout routine with no fun, sounds boring right? Thankfully, in the mid-1990s fitness instructor Alberto “Beto” Perez accidentally introduced a fitness routine that had a fun and exciting element of dance in it. Globally we call this accident ‘Zumba.’

We all know that Zumba is a perfect mix of dance and fitness but the word ‘Zumba’ doesn’t have any specific meaning to it. But today it has gotten a great demand over the years and now the word means “fitness”. 

Initially, the effects of it are supposed to be low impact, but it is an efficient calorie-burning workout that suits people of all ages and all body types. 

Keeping the main objective of Zumba in mind, KheloMore has brought on board different instructors to fit the needs of every individual. The benefits are innumerous and some of them are as follows —

Helps in weight loss :

Zumba is a perfect exercise to lose weight organically. You will lose between 300 to 800 calories every session. 

Tones body :

Zumba is a great one to tone your entire body. It targets multiple  muscle groups at once; so one might end up feeling sore initially. But once you get habituated to the routine, you will see total body toning. 

Boosts cardiac  health :

Zumba is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Therefore, once you start practicing, you will not only get aerobic benefits like improved heart rate, but also help in maintaining a good cardiovascular respiratory system!

Stress buster :

Practicing Zumba will help you turn your attention away from the daily grind, to the dance routine. This serves as a great stress buster. Research also shows that along with relieving stress it improves concentration, mental alertness, and enhances overall cognitive function. 

Improves coordination :

  In Zumba, generally, you move your arms and legs in different directions as it involves dance; so it requires a good deal of coordination.  Regular practice improves coordination and helps you move your body more comfortably and confidently.

It is fun and makes you happy :

It is observed that the more you enjoy doing your exercise routine, the more likely you are going to stick with it. As a majority of people feel that Zumba is a form of dance, they forget it’s exercise and just have fun! And every time you enjoy exercising, you release endorphins, which trigger positive feelings.  

Now after reading the benefits of Zumba, Are you ready to try it? 

If yes, then start your journey with the easy and simple routine by KheloMore instructors. And don’t be afraid! Zumba is for all age groups and can be adapted to any fitness level. 

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