Is New Year’s fitness resolution just a myth?

Myth: One can never keep up to their New Year fitness resolution. Fact: It’s all about planning how to achieve your fitness goals.   Typically, New Year’s Eve is the time millions of people make a resolution to get fit. In all good faith, many even start off with a great gusto the following few […]

Football – The Way Of Life

Football is just not a sport for some; it’s a religion, it’s a way of life, and for others, it is a major source of entertainment. But whatever it is; football never stops giving out some very important life lessons and help discipline a youngster. Don’t believe us? Read on! “To Compete” Playing football opposite […]

How to plan your weekender playing sports.

So, what are you doing this weekend? Isn’t that a big question we always face as the weekend approaches? Mostly, you would just chill with friends and family; probably catch a movie, shop at the local mall.. Sometimes, go for a long drive to nearby weekend getaway.. But have you ever tried gathering your friends, […]

Good to Great Workshop: Follow Up

All the content that was explained in the workshop by our experts is hard to remember for anyone. So here is a little post-workshop follow up content, to actually maximise your sporting potential! 10 Important Factors to Maintain a Good Body Language A downloadable Exercise program and Diet plan Exercise Program Diet Chart  

Why should children play sports?

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar give us 5 pointers on why sports is good for kids. Movement is natural. When kids play, they feel free, happy and purposeful, this infact is a very good reason to encourage them to play. Sport teaches you to strategise. Probably, the only place where instinct blends with intelligence, is on the […]

Way to keep your child occupied this summer

Summer holidays – a time really, really enjoyed by the kids and really dreaded by the moms! The one question foremost on every mother’s mind is –how do I keep my bundle of energy constructively occupied this summer? When it comes to the constructive, KheloMore has immense, sporty options for your kid. Here’s a list of […]