Football – The Way Of Life

Football is just not a sport for some; it’s a religion, it’s a way of life, and for others, it is a major source of entertainment. But whatever it is; football never stops giving out some very important life lessons and help discipline a youngster. Don’t believe us? Read on! “To Compete” Playing football opposite […]

Good to Great Workshop: Follow Up

All the content that was explained in the workshop by our experts is hard to remember for anyone. So here is a little post-workshop follow up content, to actually maximise your sporting potential! 10 Important Factors to Maintain a Good Body Language A downloadable Exercise program and Diet plan Exercise Program Diet Chart  

Why should children play sports?

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar give us 5 pointers on why sports is good for kids. Movement is natural. When kids play, they feel free, happy and purposeful, this infact is a very good reason to encourage them to play. Sport teaches you to strategise. Probably, the only place where instinct blends with intelligence, is on the […]

Way to keep your child occupied this summer

Summer holidays – a time really, really enjoyed by the kids and really dreaded by the moms! The one question foremost on every mother’s mind is –how do I keep my bundle of energy constructively occupied this summer? When it comes to the constructive, KheloMore has immense, sporty options for your kid. Here’s a list of […]

4 tips for parents after your child has lost a tough game

So your child lost a game. It happens – somebody’s practised more; somebody’s teamwork is better – now they have to move on. But how do you react and interact with your child when they lose? How do you help them move on? Read here: Praise efforts: He lost. It isn’t the end of the […]

4 parents of Rising Stars

Parenting isn’t easy; parenting future sports stars, definitely not so. You have to not only keep an eye on their academics but also keep track of their practice sessions, matches and most importantly, their fitness and nutrition! KheloMore spoke to 4 parents of Rising Stars, to get their point of view. Bharti Majumdar on Badminton […]