Yoga in the times of Coronavirus!


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The risk and the thought of not getting affected by coronavirus is less. The panic created through negative news and scarcity of resources and restricted travel is not only making people anxious but deteriorating their physical and mental health. Being confined between four walls can be taxing.  It also makes the process of fighting the virus challenging. Therefore, to keep our physical and mental health in check we can try and maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of the ways to maintain is through yoga, which has proved to be beneficial through ages. The benefits of yoga are not only restricted to losing weight, increasing flexibility but are much more than that, it is practised keep your mind calm along with keeping your health intact. 

Why yoga during quarantine?

Most people often confuse performing asanas with doing yoga. We need to understand that asanas are just psychosomatic postures. If you asanas you aren’t really doing yoga.  However, yoga is one of the most suited practices for people of all ages, says Prasad Ragnekar, a yoga educator. Performing yoga is an excellent form of managing your blood pressure, tensed muscles, concentration, breathing, and anxiety too. One can say now that yoga is a holistic exercise. As Aditya Phadke, also a  yoga educator and a medico-social worker rightly says, “Yoga is a union of mind, body and soul”.

Benefits of yoga

After having a conversation with the two experts, Khelomore has realised it impossible to list all the advantages of yoga as they are innumerable. But the three most interesting and valuable benefits can be that it improves in mobility, good health and self-care. You may think how mobility and self-care are related to yoga? But you’ll be surprised to know that along with above-mentioned benefits one of the most significant benefits of yoga is that,  it helps your body move and practice self-care even in difficult times like this. 


As everyone is held in their cramped apartment after the breakdown of the second wave of the coronavirus, yoga is coming to the rescue. Because the human body is designed to move which is restricted now it might take a toll on physical health. 

However, yoga is just not a conventional activity and demands you to bend, twist, jump, stretch. For instance, do Suryanamaskar every day without fail. Through this asan your minimum requirement of the action will be made. Yoga will recruit more muscle and warm it for the day. 

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Good Health:

One should practice yoga and not prac-strict yoga . This means to not be strict on oneself but take learn it slowly and steadily. If you perform the asanas rightly you will be able to release positive energy in your body which is also known as happy hormones. 

You will become conscious about your health and mind, which is very important for personal growth. Each organ also gets stimulated while performing yoga. So, don’t just do to attain samadhi or connect with the universe but also for your body. 


Since the breakdown of the coronavirus we as humans have become more lazy. Our screen time has also increased drastically due to various reasons. This is taking a toll on a lot of people’s mental health. If you practice yoga even for 20-30 minutes you will feel heedful as you channelize all your energy towards your own self. The focus here will be on You! This will be a time you can zone out from the rest of the world and reset your system to deal with the surrounding. 

We are not saying to practice it every day for hours. Start slow, let this journey be slow but be dedicated to seeing the wonders it performs on your body and soul. Let out an om and start your journey towards Yoga.

If you are still confused or need any assistance with your journey, comment down below or reach out to khelomore. We believe we all are in this together!

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