Talent Identification IV

Continuing the thread on tips to guard giving away more product categories than required. Smaller issues like these that are not central to the premise of both parties wanting to partner with each other, can sometimes become an unnecessary distraction to the deal. Sometimes certain “housekeeping items” for you, could become “deal break worthy items” […]

Talent Identification III

As we know the Performance analysis is a big step in the journey. You might need to enlist some professional help. Statistics tell you great stories, and an expert will help you make these numbers more intuitive. Video Analysts are great resources to use, as their software helps in the efficiency of analysis. Performance analysis […]

Talent Identification II

Analysis of a player’s technique should be part of your referencing and you may need to hire a scout or coach for his/ her feedback. There are certain technical traits that are required to give an athlete a greater chance of success when the world is watching. And the presence/ absence/ build-ability of these traits […]

Talent Identification

At the crux of every athlete’s signing are the two P’s – Potential and Performance. It needs to be both – the dosage of each component could be varying, but essentially a player is signed not for what they are only doing TODAY, but what they are capable of doing tomorrow or the day after, and that’s […]

Sports marketing: Product Supply II

For a player, it’s always useful to include the ability to spill over one year’s allotment onto the next year – this is particularly useful in case the player is injured. Also, keep the amount of on-pitch product as a separate bucket as this is probably going to eat into your other areas. Be careful that […]

Sports Marketing: Product Supply

Product Supply is another part of the player contract which needs to be looked at carefully. The product supply is included in the contract as an annual or an “over the term” value. But “value” is not the same. The value could be defined as Landed cost, Wholesale Price or Retail Price. it is always […]

Sports Marketing: Right To Match

The RTM is in vogue currently with it being used extensively at the IPL auction. Essentially the right to match again protects the endorser from overpaying the asset. It’s a great clause to have in the contract as it ensures that the WTP (willingness to pay) in the market is genuinely tested. A well thought […]

Sports Marketing: Right Of First Refusal

If the identification of the talent has been well thought through, an extension of the term becomes a necessity. It is important to have a ROFR (right of first refusal) to extend at the best possible terms. Best possible terms are what the market is willing to pay or lesser but never higher. This is […]

Sports Marketing: Reductions

Reductions in a contract are a touchy issue with players. Reductions need to be viewed in conjunction with the annual base price. If the base price is low, fight to keep reductions out of the deal as it’s a double whammy for the player. The Reductions clause should also be carefully worded and should not […]

Sports Marketing: Bonuses II

Continuing with bonuses, these need to be payable immediately after the event has occurred and not at the end of the year or term, as this can often be bundled into an extension conversation which is not ideal for the player but is definitely beneficial to the sponsor so depending on which side of the […]

Sports Marketing: Bonuses

Bonuses are an integral part of a player or a team contract. Spend time in painting your best and mid-case performance scenarios and attribute a monetary or marketing value to it. E.g.: 15 goals or more in the league will give your player x amount of extra income in the form of a bonus – […]

Sports Marketing: Product Categories

Think through your product categories very carefully as an agent or brand manager because it could mean leaving a lot of money on the table. Keep your product roadmap firmly in mind as a brand manager and keep your athlete’s future revenue potential in mind as an agent.

Sports Marketing: Player’s Contract

A critical part of the player contract is the term. It’s easy (and lazy) to say “3 years” or “5 years”. If you’re an agent, you want a shorter term, if you’re a brand, you want a longer term. Think of the term in parallel with big multilateral events – you want a term which […]