Strength and Conditioning sessions by Rajesh Chauhan

Strength and Conditioning

Rajesh Chauhan, one of India’s most promising Strength and Conditioning trainers, has helped a lot of young sports enthusiasts over the years.
He mentions that online coaching is the “in thing “today and has a great program to prove it.

In a 3 months program of S&C training, he explains that the participating children will be taught everything — from warm up exercises to proper cool down sessions and everything else in between. The aim is to help kids realise their potential and focus on their performing skill. Rajesh discusses how fitness can be achieved through different workouts and techniques like core stability, endurance, reactions, balance and flexibility. These techniques are the foundation of Strength and Conditioning coaching and also help a player have a long career. 

He also discusses three crucial running techniques for all the players –

Straight line – One should run from one marker to another kept in a straight line. It helps to improve your running speed too.

Turn properly – It is important to learn how to turn from point A to B without missing a beat; agility can make or break a sportsman’s game. 

Try to bring hands together – If possible while running bring the hands closer as it will help you run rhythmically. Arm swing also helps reduce overall energy expenditure and  propel you forward and improve your technique.

You can learn different techniques to improve your game in Rajesh’s Strength and Conditioning sessions. 

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