Siddhant Shankar attacking game bought him the victory over Hriman Aggarwal in the Boys U-12 Quarter Finals

badminton courts with players competing; shuttlecocks in the foreground (shallow DOF; color toned image)

Boys U-12


12:45 PM

Siddhant Shankar Vs Aggarwal Hriman

Siddhant Shankar started on offense with a series of well taken shots. After a missed drop shot, the game reached 5:2. Siddhant scored quick points with a fierce smashes and sturdy defense to take the score 9:2. After dropping another point, 4 more points were scored to take the game 13:3. Hriman earned 2 points to make it 13:5, but couldn’t maintain the momentum and made some unforced errors and dropped 3 more points, Siddhant nabbed the set 21:8. The second set saw Hriman putting in a string of well taken shots, which was missing in first set. Set equalised at 3:3 after two failed drop attempts as Siddhant came to the fore.

It was no cakewalk for Siddhant however as Hriman put everything in to make it a combative set. The set saw both players draw at 6:6 and 16:16 at various stages including some spectacular shots and missed chances. The game was nevertheless enervating and it reflected in a way as Siddhant took all remaining points with first set advantage and dropping one more.

Game won by Siddhant . 21-8; 21-17.

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