Hrishha Dubey Marking games brought her victory over Rhea Mane in the Girls U-14 Quarter Finals

badminton courts with players competing; shuttlecocks in the foreground (shallow DOF; color toned image)

Girls U-14


12:45 PM

Hrishha Dubey Vs Rhea Mane

The game started with Hrishha serving and scoring first 3 points. After few missed shot from Rhea, the game reached 7:0 in no time. Hrishha scored quick points with a precise shots and smart drops. After dropping another point on an unforced error, Rhea started to lose focus on the contest. First point for Rhea came at 1:15, with Hrishha only dropping two more points to nab the game 21:3.

The second set started in same fashion with Hrishha dominating the proceedings. In almost same fashion as in first set, Hrishha marked weak zones and shuttle travelled there often. Rhea didn’t have much luck as she made a handful of unforced errors. After dropping only 4 points, the set and game was won by Hrishha, 21-4.

Game won by Hrishha . 21-3, 21-4.

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