Prestige Shanti Niketan:
‘PSN Run for a Cause’ with KheloMore

Running is not just a form of exercise; it’s a lifestyle, a journey towards holistic well-being. Whether you’re sprinting through a bustling cityscape or jogging along serene countryside paths, the benefits of running extend far beyond physical fitness. Regular running can significantly improve cardiovascular health, boost metabolism, and strengthen muscles. Moreover, it’s a natural mood enhancer, releasing endorphins that uplift spirits and reduce stress. In today’s sedentary world, where screens dominate our lives, running reconnects us with the raw energy of the outdoors, fostering a sense of freedom and vitality.

The recent ‘PSN Run for a Cause’, where KheloMore was the ‘Gold Sponsor’ of the event, exemplified the inclusive spirit of running, bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds for a common purpose. Hosted at Prestige Shanti Niketan, this event saw a remarkable turnout of 1500 participants, spanning from spirited youngsters to seasoned seniors. The varied race categories, ranging from 1km to 10km, ensured that everyone, regardless of their fitness level, could partake in the festivities. Mr. Jatin Paranjape, the founder of KheloMore and a former Indian cricketer, added prestige to the occasion by flagging off the run, emphasizing KheloMore’s commitment to promoting active lifestyles and community engagement.

KheloMore stands at the forefront of a movement that transcends virtual screens and promotes the joy of physical activity in the real world. As an online platform championing offline sports, KheloMore bridges the gap between digital enthusiasts and grassroots sporting communities, fostering a culture of participation and excellence. With a diverse range of sports and fitness programs, KheloMore caters to enthusiasts of all ages and abilities, nurturing talent and igniting passion for physical activity. As summer approaches, KheloMore gears up for its Summer Sport Carnival, a vibrant celebration of athleticism and belongingness, where families and friends come together to revel in the thrill of competition and the joy of shared experiences.

In a world inundated with distractions, running emerges as a simple yet profound pursuit, weaving together strands of health, community, and personal fulfillment. As we lace up our shoes and hit the pavement, let’s not just chase milestones but cherish each step, savoring the rhythm of our heartbeat and the symphony of our breath.

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