Expanding Horizons: Melbourne Cricket Academy (Cricket Victoria) sets its sights on India, in partnership with KheloMore.com

KheloMore.com and Cricket Victoria join forces to launch the Melbourne Cricket Academy (MCA) in India, aiming to foster cricketing excellence and cultural exchange between India and Victoria. Let’s have a look at the benefits of this partnership:

  • Visionary Leadership: Led by former Indian international cricketer and CEO of KheloMore.com, Jatin Paranjape, the collaboration introduces structured cricket coaching programs into the Indian school system.
  • Comprehensive Coaching Programs: The MCA offers three 12-week blocks of high-quality coaching designed by Cricket Victoria, focusing on skill development, knowledge enhancement, and confidence building for aspiring cricketers.
  • Educational Enrichment: Indian schools partnering with the MCA gain access to accredited coaching expertise, enhancing their sports curriculum and offering students unique opportunities for holistic development.
  • Enthusiastic Endorsement: Jatin Paranjape expresses excitement about the collaboration, highlighting its significance beyond cricket coaching, emphasizing the enrichment of young cricket enthusiasts’ experiences.
  • Strategic Opportunity: Cricket Victoria CEO Nick Cummins underscores the MCA’s importance in building upon India’s cricketing legacy and inspiring a new generation of cricket ambassadors on the global stage.
  • Designed for Excellence: The MCA’s program draws on Cricket Victoria’s rich history of developing international cricketing talent, inviting young cricketers and schools in India to be part of a transformative journey in cricket education.

About KheloMore Sports:

Founded by Jatin Paranjape, a former international cricketer and member of BCCI’s Cricket Advisory Committee, KheloMore stands as a unique digital platform catering to recreational and semi-professional sports participants. Here are few key highlights about KheloMore Sports:

  • Inclusive Platform: With over 1200 sports venue partners, 2 lacs+ downloads, and 2.75 lac+ registered users, KheloMore exemplifies inclusivity, cutting-edge technology, and community engagement in the sports industry.
  • Backed by Prominent Investors: KheloMore’s success is evidenced by significant investments from prominent backers such as Dream 11, Ashwin Damera (Founder of Eruditus), and Gaurav Deepak (Founder of Avendus Capital).

About Cricket Victoria:

Cricket Victoria serves as the governing body for cricket in the state of Victoria, Australia, dedicated to promoting cricket at all levels, from grassroots to elite, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all cricket enthusiasts.
In conclusion, the partnership between KheloMore Sports, Cricket Victoria, and the launch of the Melbourne Cricket Academy in India represents a groundbreaking initiative in cricketing education and cultural exchange. With visionary leadership, comprehensive coaching programs, and a commitment to excellence, this collaboration promises to shape the future of cricket in both nations.

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