Rane Rudra’s playing big pressure games has bought her victory over Hima Mulchandani in Girls U-16 Quarter Finals

badminton courts with players competing; shuttlecocks in the foreground (shallow DOF; color toned image)

U-16 Girls


Rane Rudra Vs Hima Mulchandani

The game started with Rudra serving and scoring early points . After few missed shots from Hima, the game reached 4:0 for Rudra. First point for Hima came at 1:5, with Rudra only dropping one more point until score was 13:2. The set was becoming a cakewalk for 2 seeded U-16 Rudra. After a few effortless drops and some unforced errors by Hima, first set belonged to No. 2 seed, 21:6. The second set started in same fashion with Rudra putting the shuttle in Hima’s weak zones often.

Hima didn’t have much luck as she made a handful of unforced errors. Some audacious drop attempts saw Rudra lose single points.  After dropping only 9 points in the entire set, second seeded Rudra clinched the set and game.

Game won by Rudra : 21-6, 21-9.

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