A Guide to the Perfect Football Warm-Up

Football is a physically intense game that requires proper warm up before every game. So it could be 5 a-side turf game or a full field 90 minute football match; not warming-up properly can cause loads of in-game injuries. Here are 3 sets of pre-match training drills, focusing on stability, mobility and flexibility, to master before your next big game:


These drills focus mainly on balance and body shape of the individual. As a result the player falls less and is able to avoid injuries along with playing better.


These drills are important because they keep the lower body fit and help perform countless athletic and functional positions essential for success in football.


These drills are of high importance as they focus on maintaining the muscle elasticity and strength. These drills prevent muscular injuries and pulls that can cause extreme pain and in some cases even adverse harm to the muscles in question.

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