10 aspects to conquer this Dussehera as an athlete


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Dussehera or Vijayadashmi is, as we all Indians very well know, triumph of good over evil. In literal sense; because the virtuous Rama killed the demonic Ravana. Metaphorically, it means restrain (Maryada) over 10 aspects of emotions that hinder self-growth, viz., Kaama (lust), Krodha (anger), Lobha (greed), Moha (desire), Matsarya (envy), Manas (mind), Buddhi (intellect), Chitta (self-consciousness) and Ahankara (pride).


Although these are age old, traditional yet metaphysical views on a being; a lot is applicable in today’s era, to us modern people. The triumph of Good over Evil is in fact, a struggle we have within ourselves, everyday.

Athletes are no different with these mental struggles. Because, they say, about 90% of their performance is mental. Team KheloMore has attempted to put together 10 evils that a sportsperson should attempt to triumph over this Dussehera.

1.Fear –Probably one of the biggest

Probably one of the biggest road blocks an athlete is likely to have. Fear of making mistakes, fear of not performing when it matters, fear of letting your teammates down, fear of embarrassing yourself…

  1. Anger –

Feeling angry is alright as long as the anger is turned into positive play on field. Because only then can you put in the energy required to perform your fullest. But if anger is consuming you, hindering your ability to perform; then you’ve got to take external help to overcome it.

  1. Anxiety —

After fear, another crippling enemy an athlete could have is anxiety. While fear might seem momentary and personal, appearing before the adrenaline rush takes over; anxiety could surface during the game, making one just freeze up at important time.

  1. Selfishness –

Playing to win is good. Playing to do your best is better. But playing for yourself, especially in a team sport, is a big no! You are playing in a team, and your wins and losses are counted as a team’s. You have to look at the bigger picture. Always!

  1. Laziness –

Reaching the pinnacle in sports, like many other things in life, is 30% talent and 70% hard work. No excuses and no shortcuts. What you achieve on the field is determined by how much practice you’ve put in before. Laziness and excuses won’t get you to the top.

  1. Pride –

A great athlete is the one who lets their game speak. A great athlete is also the one who appreciates another’s talent and hard work, regardless of who has won or lost. Being proud of your achievements is one thing, but believing your wins makes you invincible, untouchable or superior than the rest, is a fatal fallacy in your sports career.

  1. Superstitious beliefs –

Again, mental, mental and just mental tools to fool your mind into complacency. What’s wearing your left shoe first, or sitting on a particular angle at the bench, or painting your racquet blue or wearing 10 God chains in your neck got to do with your game? There are no shortcuts to success and only your hard work, fitness and balanced nutrition is what makes you or breaks you.

  1. Dwelling of failures –

Failures are a part of life. You fall, you pick yourself and you learn. While it is very important to analyze your every fail — why did you fail, how did you fail and how should you avoid it in future; to dwell on it beyond the necessary is to be avoided. Completely.

  1. Perfectionism –

There is a textbook method of holding the bat, hitting the backhand or scoring a goal. But there is also individual style which could come naturally to you and that could be your USP. While is is always good to improve upon your game, your stance, your strength and stamina, it is a bad idea to too much time in ‘perfecting’ every move. It only tends to take away from the fun of the game.

  1. Stubbornness –

While being an athlete means you are the one on the field, playing the actual game; you have to admit the fact that you have a super great coach and a great team to thank for being where you are. Your coach and/ or team can see your game from outside and will always have great suggestions. Being stubborn about your methods and unbending about your routine can prove to be only your downfall.

By: Gandhali Paranjape

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