A Bonding Between A Coach & A Player

Since ancient times in India, the Guru-Shishya parampara or teacher-student relationship has been a very special one; with an almost sacred bond between a teacher and his student. Even in today’s Akhada culture, the Guru-Shishya relationship is very prevalent. But how important really is a coach’s role in shaping a child’s future and overall development?

In today’s busy times, where the emphasis is more on academics than sports, and the parents’ inability to provide focused attention on their child’s development, a sports coach’s role has become even more crucial.

From teaching a child about the sport, to developing the basics, to correcting various postures while playing a stroke or while striking an opponent, a coach’s role goes way beyond being ‘just a coach’.

While developing the basics at an early stage is important, a coach also understands a child’s ability and adjusts his techniques accordingly. Sports develops a child’s character and teaches important life lessons such as team work, perseverance, confidence and more importantly understanding victories and defeats; something that a coach helps achieve and understand.

That is how important a coach is!

But today, we only look at the champions and applaud their various achievements, without actually sparing a thought for that one person who instilled some great qualities in this champion’s journey to greatness. That first coach is an afterthought many a times… their names taken only in parenthesis.

Shouldn’t these coaches get more than just those ?

BY: Ganapathy Vishwanath

Photo Credits:
Outlook India



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