How to parent a self-motivated athlete

We have always heard stories about famous and celebrated athletes starting early.. not just their day, but their athletic career. Say, from the ages of 5 or 6.  And it is parents who introduce their children to the beauty of sports at that young an age. Parents, who sacrifice a lot to get their children into the discipline that is requisite of being a sportsperson. You do it again and again, till one day, boom, your young athlete is motivated enough to set his own alarm, fill her own kit bag, or choose to stay away from junk food because they want to play sport.

Does that mean your job is now over? Think again! Because your young athlete now needs a different type of motivation/support from you. They have now upped their game; they have moved beyond the basics. They have proved that they are talented enough. Now is the time for them to keep at it. Day after day. Monotonously. And you can help them here by boosting their morale when they feel tired, complimenting them on their wins and encouraging them for a better game when they lose. Their talent has gotten them this far, now it is their ability and strength to keep going; keep improving steadily. This, parents, is the time for you to praise their hard work, rather than their accomplishments. This is how you parent a self-motivated athlete!


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