KheloMore comes together with MSSA to digitise sports in Mumbai

In a big first, KheloMore has recently sealed a three-year deal with MSSA, helping them go paperless.

MSSA or Mumbai Schools Sports Association, is a large body with almost 300 schools under it and is responsible for various sports tournaments, between these schools, throughout the academic year.

Founded solely for the purpose of facilitating sports coaching across the country, KheloMore is here to digitalise sports in India. Coming together with MSSA, KheloMore will be creating a digital database of the participating schools on the app itself.

For parents of the children from these schools, keeping in touch with their child’s sporting calendars and progress just became easier. They will get push notifications of the child’s performance after they register on the app.

The app, as we know, is an online aggregator of athletes and coaches/academies across various sports in multiple cities.


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