Another breathtaking performance by Don Bosco boys in the final

Venue: MSSA Ground

U-14 Boys


Don Bosco (Matunga) Vs St. Stanislaus (Bandra)

This match was something special. Not only because it was a final but because it was one of the most sought out clashes. The quality and tenacity in these two teams were unparalleled. After a good warmup run, match started with rain lurking on the horizon. Bosco boys started on front foot and moving the ball with purpose. A great early run from midfielder Keith scraped narrowly from the goal post. After persistent pressure around 18 yard box, first goal came early, courtesy to the sumptuous cross by 10 which 5 converted masterfully. The whole first half was marked with Bosco dominating the midfield and rare forays forward by tenacious Stanislaus forwards. A determined run from Stanislaus was firmly saved by Chris late in the half. He was required again shortly after an uncharacteristic mistake in defense by Bosco.

Halftime: 1:0.

The second half took the sting and momentum out of the game. Bosco were content with moving the ball with authority and Stanislaus were defending deep. As Keith saw Stanislaus’ goalkeeper rushing towards a loose ball, he masterfully lobbed it over the goalkeeper to mark the second goal. Stanislaus tried to make a comeback late but weren’t able to dissect Bosco defense.

Full time: 2:0.


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