St. Peter grabs the lone chance & took away the game from L.R. Vissanji

Venue: MSSA Ground

Date: 03/10/17

The game started with L.R.Visanji on front foot showing urgency with neat flicks and passes.Some early half chances fell for them which they failed to capitalize on. The ball was moving more in both halves as time passed.St. Peter grew in the game and provided some brilliant moments. The L.R.Visanji defense stood firm against long balls.

Half time: 0:0

With players hydrated and fresh now, midfield became where the ball changed feet very often.Attacks from L.R.Visanji became a regular fixture, 5 minutes in the half. A string of corners, answered, were awarded.The frustration was beginning to build with every passing minute. St. Peter resorted to long balls quickly understanding the weariness of defense. A long ball did the trick for them as Ali ran almost half pitch dodging the challenges from defense and a half hearted save from Amay, the L.R.Visanji. Goalkeeper,  who failed to save the goal from St. Peter.

Full time: 1:0

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