Aditya Balsekar triumphs over Karim Khan in the finals

Karim Khan all focus is on the ball

Boys U-16 Tennis finals report

Winner: Aditya Balsekar (VCW – Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra E)

Runner-Up: Karim Khan (Children’s Academy)

Score: 8:7 ;

Tie-Breaker: 7:5

It was a topsy turvy contest on a humid day where it was an even stevens contest amongst the best in the finals. It was a 8 game round where Balsekar had dominated more than half of the game. His powerful serves and shots had no answers from Karim. The pendulum swung towards Karim where he won 3 straight games to bring the game to 8-7. The Tie-breaker was a closely watched contest with Balsekar again having the last laugh with his aggressive approach winning it by 7-5

The Aditya Balsekar face after winning the MSSA Inter school tennis finals

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