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#LockdownMeinKheloMore with Our Online Learning Platform

Children are restless, parents are worried and academies are struggling. Building a sport skill is more about breeding passion. Coaches and academies whose entire lives have gone by in breeding passion are now severely affected with the lock down. This is where we came up with our #LockdownMeinKheloMore Campaign which is an online learning platform for sports. This campaign is all about easing the ongoing stress with physical activities that can be done at the convenience and safety of your home. We are committed towards connecting sports enthusiasts, parents of young children and teenagers to the best sports academies and turfs across the country. Do you think the lockdown can stop us?? Never!

We now facilitate connecting children and sports enthusiasts with renowned academies and coaches through a well-established online network that is phone/tablet/laptop friendly. Coaches/academies teach fitness exercises, agility techniques, form and technique correction, teach at home drills, skills and sports strategies through a video call.

We also use tools of video analysis to correct or identify errors in technique or form. Online live video learning has helped us play the role of a Third Umpire so we can help athletes grow in places they didn’t notice earlier. One can book trial sessions or weekly lessons of classes like chess, football, cricket, ballet, badminton, etc. Children can dedicate a few hours of their otherwise boring day to learning live cricket online or master the checkmate strategy through an online chess game.

One of our academy partners- Chanakya Chess Club is a leading institute in imparting Chess training and has taken the initiative of providing interactive online chess sessions with KheloMore. They shared their experience with us…

“We take pride in partnering with KheloMore! Our association with them has given us the great value in India. Chanakya Chess Club being a leading institute in imparting Chess training recommends KheloMore to sports institutes and individuals alike.”

Mr. Balachandran Manikkath, ITF Level 3 Ceritified Coach reiterates how our campaign has been beneficial for students and coaches. He says:

“KheloMore took the initiative very early into the lockdown, to offer online tennis training sessions. These sessions are good opportunities for parents and players to acquire information and guidance regarding their game and scheduling of tournaments as KheloMore provided them access to interact with experienced coaches.”

-Mr. Balachandran Manikkath

The classes on our online learning platform are very useful for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. We bring together sport with science and technology of our generation to create an environment of growth and skill improvement for our young players. Our coaches are more than happy to teach students in the time of quarantine too. Aashumi Vora, a Ballet & Contemporary Dancer and Trainer said:

“’Lockdown mein KheloMore’, was a great initiative taken by the portal. I am really happy and proud to associate with KheloMore for connecting me with people from all over the country, especially from towns where there are so many kids aspiring to become a Ballet dancer but don’t have any classes nearby. It’s a great way to reach many hearts and share our passion for dance! Learning online is a new way of life and KheloMore makes sure that the experience remains unshaken.”

-Ms. Aashumi Vora

We have had an overwhelming response to our online learning platform campaign in this lockdown. The children have expressed their love for learning sports online. Parents, like that of Rohit Rajat who is training in football, had some interesting feedback to share with regards to our campaign…

“Though we were initially very hesitant for an online program during lockdown, having George Lawrence to coach our six-year old was absolutely amazing! We didn’t realise a coach could be so connected and hands-on even in a virtual experience. George has great experience in training kids. His energetic, positive and encouraging mannerism while imparting skills to children is exceptional and heart-warming. We wish him and KheloMore all the very best!”

– Rohit Rajat’s parent,

Sport: Football

Parents noticed minute feedback from the end of the coaches and a willing improvement on the end of   their children. They were impressed with the qualification of the coaches and how the virtual environment didn’t obstruct a coaching session. One of the fathers whose daughter took online badminton coaching praised the fact that she could learn badminton live. He said:badminton, motivation, online coaching, young badminton player, badminton live, online learning platform

“Thanks for aligning the sessions with young coach Riya from Hemant Shuttler’s badminton academy. The four sessions were really engaging for Gauri who has been playing badminton for close to 4 and 1/2 years. The minute feedback shared by Riya will really help Gauri to improve the shortcomings in her game. KheloMore is an excellent platform to connect young budding athletes with experienced coaches across India. Riya could act like a true mentor to Gauri as she is on the National Badminton Circuit and could give a deep insight to how a player approaches a game mentally as well as physically.

I wish you and the KheloMore team all the best in your future endeavours.”

-Abhinav Kalla

Gauri Kalla’s Father


badminton, motivation, online coaching, young badminton player, badminton live, online learning platform

A parent expressed her reviews for one of our chess academy partner- Chanakya Chess Club. She said..

“Chanakya Chess Club is a full package for chess tutorials which are interactive and well-structured.
Batches are set as per the readiness level of each individual in a group. We have seen great improvement in our 6-year old son after starting chess coaching with Chanakya Chess Club .
I, as a parent, would recommend everyone to get enrolled at Chanakya Chess Club for a real experience of a chess tutorial. I wish the best of luck to Chanakya Chess Club.”

– Meenakshi Sadhu (Mother of Adeep Sadhu )

The children have been more overjoyed than the parents. One of our young ballet customers who trained under Aashumi Vora – a critically acclaimed ballet and contemporary dancer, made a drawing to showcase the passion she’s developed for Ballet.
Ballet, ballet dancer, I love ballet, artwork, young ballet enthusiast, ballet online, ballet coaching, online learning platform

Veda Dharamsey (6.5 years)

It’s a very fulfilling thought for us when we see that we are the reason for a child’s joy like this. KheloMore is dedicated to creating a congenial environment for athletes and players to meet coaches and academies and encourage the growth of every sport in India. Our #LockdownMeinKheloMore is an online learning platform campaign has been successful not just for us but for our coaches and young sports stars! We have catered to more than 1000 athletes and players and we wish to continue doing the same through this online learning platform. # LockdownMeinKheloMore is an initiative to help athletes and children to not lose out on their daily quotient of play and physical activity.

If you’re interested in letting your child grow in a particular sport, book interactive online sports sessions with KheloMore.com. Just like Muhammad Ali, we too believe, “The will must be stronger than the skill.”

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