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2020 was the year to remember but so is 2021. The long-lasting effects of the first wave of the deadly pandemic can still be felt. Even after almost the end of the second wave. Nobody and no business was left untouched by the repercussions of the deadly coronavirus. To minimize the effect the government acted and did bring a change with different SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). They declared a lockdown in the country and imposed strict actions on the people who still were not following the protocols. Yet the haunting effects of the virus brought everything to halt, and from shops to schools, movie theatres to even all sporting places and events. 

After almost the end of phase 2 of the pandemic, the places have started operating under the protocols. And the new normal is social distancing, everything shifting to online service from groceries to sports too!

Physical sports is also making its way back but before delving into that question let’s ask ourselves Are we ready for that? Do we know the protocol to follow as we return to play? Well, KheloMore has put across comprehensive SOPs . These SOPs are collected from various sports bodies across the Nation, to help you understand just how safe is your return to play and the dos and don’ts of it. Most of these SOPS are the same as last year but it’s not bad to revise it for our safety right? Read on to these SOPs.

  • Compulsory Covid 19 testing of all athletes who would be returning to the training facility. 
  • The returning athlete shall be quarantined till the test results clear them of covid-19 contraction. Final clearance should be provided by the doctor in charge of the respective sport.
  • Use fitness equipment only while wearing gloves and face mask and the consequent use of disinfectant afterward. Use of a fitness room shall be permitted only in small groups of a maximum of 5 people and the observance distancing nom. Physiotherapy and massages to be avoided and unless absolutely necessary. 
  • Athletes shall be treated individually in spacious ventilated rooms if necessary, the additional room shall be opened with uninfected examination couches
  • The same set of players to train together to avoid any spread of germs and bacterias to others.
  • Taskforce at each training center with the centre in charge, its official chairman
  • NSF to ensure complete adherence to training protocol.
  • NSF shall nominate a hygiene officer to ensure compliance and implementation of all protective measures for athletes and staff safety
  • Any athlete found to be in violation of the protocol will be removed from training immediately and reported to the hygiene officer for appropriate action.
  •      Players should not have any physical contact with other players, no use of high fives, fist bumps or else.
  •   Hand sanitizer should be always available at the training center.
  •  Players should have their own water bottle and no one else will touch it.
  •  Players should bring their own towels for private use like to wipe face during or after training
  • The shoes of the players should be sanitized before and after the training
  • Arogya Setu app is mandatory for all the athletes and staff; and calls for strict social distancing and physical distancing at the training venues. 
  • Only one access point for entry and exit at training venues athletes or outsiders will be prohibited till relaxation is announced by the central government based on local conditions. 
  • Maximum restriction for contact sports, which will not have any sparing in the training program for now 
  • Staff shall be appointed for proper disinfection of equipment before continuous usage
  • Equipment which is bound to be shared and utilized continuously during the training such as punching and kicking bags, slam balls, skipping rope,etc. must be used carefully without using such equipment to rub touch face, remove sweat, cover mouth.

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