5 Exercises every tennis player should do

Important Exercises every tennis player should do.

Tennis is a game of patience, probably more than any other sport. It places great importance on rotational strength, lateral quickness, and shoulder stability. Plus, stronger, more flexible muscles mean greater resistance to injury; the key for most players who endure more pounding on hard surfaces than grass or clay.

So before you hit the court, or start feeling the effects of a tennis elbow — by-product of tight shoulders — it’s important to open up your shoulders, as well as your hips, and improve the side-to-side movements that are so crucial for chasing down volleys and firing off accurate backhands.

There always comes a time in sports when your progress slows down or is stagnant completely. If you improve your fitness, especially focussing on the core, you will see huge improvements in your game.

Exercise – High Knee with Forward & Backward lunge and twist both sides

The lunge with a twist is a great core exercise that also builds lower body strength. Performing the lunge while holding and rotating a medicine ball (or simply pretending to hold one) from right to left, engages the quads, glutes, and core while improving balance.

The lunge with a twist is also often incorporated into prep time for certain physical activities. The twist part in the exercise gets lateral quickness in the game for every tennis player and the combination of lunge and the twist is great for physical stability of the player.

Exercise- Side Lunge Step & Single Leg deadlift walk forward

Side Lunge Step involves lateral movement and targets the inner and outer thighs and helps to strengthen and tone those areas of your legs. This is also an excellent move to strengthen your quads, hamstrings and glutes, which makes the side lunge a complete lower body exercise.


Exercise- Skater jump diagonally

The main muscles worked by the skater jump are found in your legs and rump. Your quads receive the bulk of the punishment, but your hamstrings, glutes and calves will also be nicely toned by the movement.

Exercise- Inch worm walk

The inchworm is a multi-joint, dynamic exercise that increases strength and muscular endurance throughout the entire body with an emphasis on the shoulders and core. Stand tall with your legs straight. Bend forward and touch the floor with both hands. The quadriceps is considered to collectively be one of the most powerful muscle groups in the whole body. The primary role of the “quad” muscles is to bend and straighten (extend) the knees — exactly why quadriceps strength and flexibility is important for numerous movements and activities in Tennis.

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