Dravid has served in the Indian cricket team for a long time and is one of the best players of his time. Now, the former cricketer has been appointed as the Head Coach of the Indian cricket team for a peripd of two years.

You are not wrong if you think he makes the greatest coach in the world.

Here Are The 10 Reasons Why Dravid Will Be A Great Coach

  1. Dravid has the Knowhow of the System – He was continuously in touch with the game even after his retirement, as he was appointed as the coach of the Indian A and under-19 team. Players from these two teams under his guidance have emerged as players with great potential for India. Due to his experience, he understands how each player will react to different situations on the field that makes him a valuable coach for the Indian Cricket Team.
  2. Experience of Playing with Senior Members- Dravid understands the game well and his international achievements are admired and respected. Besides, he also has a good equation with senior members of the present Indian cricket team like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma etc. Hence, he is the one who understands the modern game. His thinking and analysis about the game can turn out to be an asset for the cricket team.
  3. Believes in Data and Preparation- RahulDravid is one such player, who relies on data and analysis like studying about the opponents, looking at numbers, creating suitable team line-up and then planning strategy. He always communicates with the players before assigning them their roles in the field.
  4. Flexibility on the Ground is Inspiring– Dravid, during his journey has always been flexible with his batting position. From being on no.3 position batsman to being an opener or a finisher, he plays well, whenever and whatever is required for the team. Although being this flexible, he was never a specialist in any style, yet his name is written down in the history of Indian cricket in bold letters. Indian team, at present, lacks this flexible capacity. Rahul can prove a great asset by imparting this flexibility in the current line-up so that they can thrive in any conditions on the field.
  5. Being a Mentally Strong Player– Dravid is one of the players, who is always calm and composed. He knows when to use his aggression and tenacious approach with steely defence. All these properties make him a great cricketer. The cricket team at present are promising, but they all are fragile. Being mentored by Dravid, they all can improve their game by adopting various qualities from Dravid.
  6. Being a Technical Genius – Dravid performs using his fundamentals that include technique and ethics. These ideals have turned him into a great cricketer by showing his skills on those tough, seaming and swinging wickets leading to consistency. The success of any cricketer depends upon the strength of the fundamentals but nowadays cricketers lack them. Dravid can be the best person in teaching them all these fundamentals.
  7. Always Being a Professional– Dravid has played professionally and in favour of the team, whenever needed keeping his ego aside. This attribute was witnessed during India’s tour of England in 2007, where he stepped down from captaincy and allowed M.S. Dhoni to take over. This type of selfless nature is needed to be adopted by the Indian cricket team whenever needed for the benefit of the team.
  8. Being a Dedicated Player to his Team- Dravid has stood like a pillar of strength for his team members even in times of crisis for team India and has defended them. He was so dedicated towards his team that even when his health was not well, he used to play for the country, supporting his team. This type of sportsmen ship from a player will help team India to grow, making it strong and one of the top teams in the world again.
  9. Focus on Building All-Rounders– Dravid is one such coach, who focuses on improving the players game instead of changing it according to his wish. He mostly trains players to be all-rounders focusing more on their comfort zone. It turns out to be helpful in the long run and provides a better success rate, balance and flexibility to the team. As seen during his coaching experience, in the under-19 team, he prepares players to be all-rounders without changing their game and improving them to turn them into an asset.
  10. The Coaching Style– Rahul Dravid is one such person whose coaching style is slightly different from others. He believes in building leaders, who can take over the team as a captain and also analyse two to three alternatives in a situation to make a well-informed decision. He never imposes his decisions on the team and consults with the players on the positive side of things, instead of feeding them any negativity.

These are the few of the qualities of Rahul Dravid that can make him one of the greatest coaches and a sound asset for the team India. There are so many things one can learn from him. The player doesn’t want to be a coach for the money or power. It’s just because he loves his country and wants to dedicate himself to his team. Being a coach will allow him to serve the team India once again. Hence, it will be great to have legend Rahul Dravid as a coach of the Indian team!

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