Top 5 Newly Launched Turfs on KheloMore

We know that sports and games enhance social relationships and it helps in building skills. KheloMore recognises this and hence has launched attractive venues and turfs for you to play at! Sport addicts, where you at?

  1. Michezo Arenas @ Tenbroeck Academy (Bengaluru)

GoreMichezo Arenas @ Tenbroeck Academy, Basavanagudi

Michezo Arena @ Tenbroeck Academy has courts and turfs for Football and Basketball. In addition to providing affordable prices, the venue also has facilities like washrooms and floodlights. It has 2 courts and a turf.

2. Sarae Sports (Pune)

Sarae Sports, Punawale

Sarae Sports Infra Private Limited is a sports club at Punawale. It is inolved in Sporting and other recreational activities. It is spread across 30,000 sq.ft area, providing facilities for Cricket, Badminton, Skating, Football, etc. It also has a bowling machine for cricket practice.

3. Olympia Zone (Hyderabad)

Olympia Zone, Hyderabad

Olympia Zone(OZ) is a multi-sport facility with world-class 5 a side astroturf with fully enclosed netting and bright night lighting. Sports available at OZ are Futsal and Box Cricket on hourly basis. OZ also offers best in class coaching for Football, Cricket, CrossFit, Kungfu, Taekwondo, Kickboxing. Amenities at OZ include restrooms, changing rooms, parking and refreshments.

4. Jabulani Sports Arena (Kochi)

Jabulani Sports Arena, Kakkanad

Jabulani Sports Arena provides an international quality playground and has state of the art infrastructure. It is a Sports club and an academy. Amenities include: refreshments, tournaments, good lighting, washrooms, parking facility and much more.

5. Blaze Arena (Coimbatore)

Blaze Arena, Kannampalayam

Blaze is the newest multisport arena at Coimbatore. It is an affordable club for Football and Box Cricket. Amenities include: Clean showers and washrooms, good infrastructure, live screening, and affordable prices.

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