Determined Darsh sees off Veer Mahajan in an exciting match

Darsh Kedekar was excited after winning the pre-quarter finals of MSSA tournament

U-10 Boys, Pre-quarterfinals

Darsh Kedekar Vs Veer Mahajan

Venue: MSSA Stadium, Mumbai.

Date: 14/11/17.

Both left handed players;  Darsh with good precision over serve whilst Veer with better control over aerial shots, this game promised to be exciting since the word go. The game started with Darsh losing two points on foul serve, 0:30. Picking up masterfully, he turned around the deficit, 40:30 and gained one point. 1:0. Veer served for second point and flayed some shots wide to go behind 15:40. After a sturdy comeback, 40:40, second point also went to Darsh, 2:0. Darsh served for a match defining point but lost it early with some good aerial shots by Veer. 2:1. Veer served, seeking for parity and a good shot put brakes on his racing to 30:0.0 Coupled with few ominous foul serves, Veer lost the point after starting brightly, 3:1. Veer pulled back one more point before losing another, owing to powerful backhand of Darsh, and unprecedented foul serves. 4:2. This serve was for game but Darsh eked out some bad serves and reached 0:40. Veer won the set deservedly but was having a hard time gaining momentum and finally bowed out in next point, 5:3.

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