St.Stanislaus Dominance in the match bought them the victory

Venue: MSSA Ground

St. Stanislaus (Bandra) vs Aditya Birla (Tardeo)

Stanislaus started brightly, with ball moving with pace and precision in early minutes. Aditya Birla tried to string some passes together but couldn’t manage to maintain momentum and make a mark on the game.The first goal came in 13 minutes, courtesy, Chris Fernandes.

First half: 1:0. 

Slaloming run of Kyle forced a corner out of Aham of Aditya Birla. The corner didn’t amount to much and followed another corner which also couldn’t be taken advantage of.Rare counters were seen by Aditya Birla as second half wore down. Looking for a late equaliser, Aditya Birla crowded Stanislaus’ box. Vansh ran whole length of pitch but was wasteful in the end.Solo run by Chris was thwarted masterfully by Aham in dying minutes to salvage win.

Full time: 1:0.

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