When sporty kids are hungry, they need nutrients, not calories.

Food is the most important part of ur lives; people live to eat. But what we eat is equally important. Especially if we play a sport or are into fitness.

Ask any successful athlete, and they will tell you that their success is part their skills, part their nutrition. What do they eat, and when, makes a lot of difference to their performance ability. Skipping meals, even breakfast, is a bad idea, as it tends to affect the entire day.

Here are a few tips for healthy eating for sporty kids:

  1. Start the day with a healthy, well-balanced breakfast. Some options are – fruits, eggs, milk, cereal.
  2. Ensure that your child goes for their practice AFTER eating an energy-driven meal. Oats, cheese-sandwich, banana.
  3. Let your child carry a quick, energy replacing food for after practice, followed by a high protein meal. An apple or a banana, followed by Milk, Cheese, or an egg or chicken sandwich or a protein bar or a burrito.
  4. Carrots, tomatoes and fruits should form a major part of their snack diet.
  5. Lunches and dinners should ALWAYS be well-balanced, with curds and salads, dal and chawal, roti and subzi.

Eating is important and so is physical fitness. And so is appropriate amount of rest. Ensure that with a well-balanced, healthy diet, your child gets enough sleep and full-night’s rest.

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