Don Bosco(A) (Matunga) v/s St.Francis D Assisi (A) (Borivili)




The game started with Don Bosco starting the game on front foot. There was a fluidity and confidence about their game which attributed them playing together for last 6 years. Harsh Naik scored DB’s first goal around 5 minutes in the game.

The second goal came courtesy of a goalkeeping error by St. Fracis. The ball just rolled in the net with players rueing the inaction.

Half time: Score- 2 : 0

As game progressed, fluidity of DB’s game improved with more intricate passing near opposition goal resulting in goal by Keith Fernandez.

The game became a routine exercise for Don Bosco as they scored another to cap it a 4:0 win by Aryan Jhunjhunwala.

Final Whistle: DB V St. Francis 4:0.

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