Day 2 of the Sydney Test ends as Team India manages to score 96 runs for 2 wickets

Day 2 of the Sydney test ends with India trailing by 272, having lost just 2 wickets.

Pujara and Rahane have added a combined 14 runs in 93 balls towards the end of Day 2. This shows that the usually placid Sydney wicket has something in it for the fast bowlers too.

Like the infamous Area 51, there is a similar sinister area on this pitch from where the ball is seaming and bouncing variably. This does not bode well for India tomorrow, although I think the roller before play starts will deaden this bite for an hour or so. India might be tempted to take the heaviest roller available.

A man who deserves a mention is Shubman Gill. He batted like a player who has played 50 test matches. Never looked in trouble, and his basic instinct as a batsman is to attack, so runs come thick and fast and the opposition is always on the backfoot. He also left the balls outside off stump very well. He is blessed with a unique combination of patience, instinct, solid defense and talent to hit a good ball and it truly does look like India have found a megastar for years to come.

Moving on, day 3 is going to be a tough grind for Team India. I think left handers will be slightly more comfortable on this wicket as that part of the pitch is comparatively lesser used, thus giving less assistance off the pitch. I didn’t see too much spin today but it will turn significantly post tea time tomorrow.

India need 2 partnerships of between 60 to 100 each and the game will be set up to be another humdinger.

Returning vice captain Rohit Sharma will be very annoyed with himself for getting out after doing all the hard work. But he looked so so good, absolutely effortless. He will be gutted as he is well aware another 50 or 60 runs from him would have put India in the driving seat.

It’s Advantage Australia at the end of Day 2  of the Sydney Test. Join us for another exciting day tomorrow.

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