KheloMore conducts Coaches Workshop to promote Sports Participation

With a concept as novel as Khelomore, it becomes absolutely necessary to explain it well to on boarded coaches and academies. Keeping that necessity in mind, team KheloMore organised their first ever workshop for coaches.

Attended by about 50+ coaches, the workshop was a great success with founder, Jatin Paranjape, explaining the idea behind KheloMore and how it works.


He spoke about the growing demand for sports training amongst young kids and the vast gap in the supply of the coaches and academies in spite of the fact that there are numerous coaches and number of academies offering sports.

“KheloMore is being introduced as a sports technology bridge between the gap of this demand and supply,” Paranjape informed. Adding that this arrangement is beneficial for both, parents looking for apt coaching for their wards and for coaches who are being under-utilized due to lack of awareness of their availability.

We also had experts like Janki Rajapurkar of Samiksha Sports and Rishi Bali of SportsQ speaking on the importance of coaches in an athlete’s life. They stressed on the fact that coaches are more than just someone to show them how a sport is played; that a coach is almost a parent substitute for the children playing a sport.


KheloMore, as we know, is an online aggregator of athletes and coaches/academies across the country in multiple sports.

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