4 Tips for young sports enthusiasts.

Young sports enthusiasts

After the breakdown of novel coronavirus, the world of sports came to halt. However, the coaching has not stop as the coaches and academics went online to keep the players and teams in shape. The players might find it difficult to adjust to it, but this is the new norm. While adjusting to the new form young sports enthusiasts should be motivated to thrive in the sports they are playing.  Without the desire and the thrill, it is unlikely for them to excel or master in the game.

Therefore, we have listed some tips for the enthusiasts to excel and grow as a sportsperson

  1. Believe in yourself-

Along with all the above-mentioned tips, confidence is the prerequisites of all. Unless a player is confident, he/she/they will have a hard time in achieving their goals. Sports enthusiasts need to be confident before stepping on the field. Learn from ones and others experiences and move forward with a strong determination and desires.

2. Enjoy the game-

We often become too competitive when it comes to play. Along with being competitive it is equally vital to enjoy the game. This way you can have fun and learn. If you relish the time on the field, then only you’ll be able to perform in your full capacity. It should be one of your focal point.  So Just Play and Have Fun!

3. Team work is the key-

Centre to success is cooperation. In any team there is no ‘I’ but only ‘WE’ or ‘US’. Value of team work starts from the training ground. If there is enough understanding amongst the team and between the players nobody will be able to stop then from achieving their objectives.

The stronger the connection the stronger is the team. This not only helps on field but also off field, as a positive atmosphere helps to bring out the best in everyone. Additionally, it instils a healthy competition amongst the team players and makes every player accountable.

Team success is bigger than any success.

4. Learn to respect all-

The foremost rule for every player is to respect and treat all players and opponents equally with respect. Everyone should set their tone and voice their opinion in a respectful manner. Be easy to talk to this will not only help you in the game but off field, in your real life as well.

Keep the anger, jealousy and hatred at bay since this negativity is unlikely to help you in your game.

5. Be curious to learn from your coach’s experience-

Coaches are the architect of young sports enthusiasts’s future. A well skilled coach can change the life of the players. They are the store house of the techniques and methods. Therefore, talk to your coach learn from their life experiences and knowledge. Improve your posture, hits and everything by communicating it with your coach.

Although it is equally important for the coach to create an open communication channel so that the players feel free to reach out to them.

These are the few tips that young sports enthusiasts can keep at the back of your mind for any more future guidance you can reach out to us at Khelomore or comment below.


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