Why should children play sports?

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar give us 5 pointers on why sports is good for kids.

  1. Movement is natural. When kids play, they feel free, happy and purposeful, this infact is a very good reason to encourage them to play.
  2. Sport teaches you to strategise. Probably, the only place where instinct blends with intelligence, is on the field. More importantly, it teaches you to strategise within the framework of fairness.
  3. Nothing like sport to teach your kid equality and equity. Since the very nature of sport is equal opportunity, it teaches kids the value of hard work, allows them to appreciate talent and in a country like ours, ensures they don’t take their privileges for granted.                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  4. Children who play sports make for non-fussy eaters. This is my fave point. Kids in sport intuitively know what is junk food, avoid it, and understand the importance of home cooked meals, naturally.
  5. Sporty kids sit lesser and move more. And this gives them an added advantage when it comes to bone mineral density, neurogenesis in the brain and even hormonal health. All genders should play sports but it’s that much more important for the girl child as it means pain free periods, strong body and an agile mind. Ok, last two relevant for boys too!


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