Throwball getting a throw into school sports

Throwball Tournament

Date: 08/12/17

Jasudben M. L. School vs Yashodham

U-14 Boys Quarterfinals

Venue: MSSA Mumbai.

Being a Non-Olympic sport, Throwball is one of the less recognized and appreciated sports across India. Introduced in India around 1950, first National Championship took place in 1980. With maiden participation in World Series, Nepal in June, India won Gold in Men’s and Women’s category. However, not celebrated or much acknowledged, the team is taking heart from gigantic feat and optimistic of securing sponsorship to further continue the development. J.M. L. School got off to a flyer with swerving drops and neat uses of spaces owing to height in their ranks. Jeevansh Kalsi and Roshan Shirorkar dominated service and second balls & Aditya Manik and Keval shah picking the first ball neatly. Keshav Desai was the lone spark for Yashodham as they went down 21-18, 21-16 in a best of 3 contest.


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