The Ultimate battle!

The Ultimate Table Tennis (UTT) started on 13th July and is now reaching its ultimate peak with semi-finals starting today!

Today’s match will be between Falcons TTC and DHFL Maharashtra at NSCI. The excitement is all there, with today’s and tomorrow’s semi-finals leading to the ultimate—Finals!

Table Tennis, or Ping Pong as it s commonly called has its own steady group of followers. And although it may not seem like a high end, high drama, high intensity game like Cricket, Hockey or even Lawn Tennis, TT has its own benefits!


It is the ultimate brain workout – increases the brain activity after just 10 minutes!

It is good for heart – increases heart rate.

Coordination – improves hand-eye co-ordination.

Gentle fitness – does not put any strain on the body while helping achieve fitness.

Sociable – a great way to play and exercise with friends at any level!

And the best part it, one can play it anytime, anywhere! One doesn’t need a proper court or field to play this sport!


So we hope that with the UTT nearing its end for this season, it lends an encouraging hand to the rest of you wanting to pick up the sport!!!


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