The Mommy spirit

Saying anything about Mothers is always an understatement. That they sacrifice their best years for their children, is a given. That they don’t look at it as a sacrifice is also a given. That, many a times, the close ones around them don’t look at it as a sacrifice but as their duty and job, is also a given. Because that is what motherhood is all about.

No mother actually looks for the ‘Best Mother Award’, because that is not what she started out for. She simply does what her heart tells her is best for her kids. She fails many a times, she reaches deep into her soul searching for her own mistakes, she breaks her heart a million times punishing her child’s misdemeanours and she moves on every single time as if nothing earth-shattering has happened.
Her spirit is undeniably resilient; it is something the world’s topmost athletes and sportspersons are made of. Yet, nobody gives the Mother a second thought.
She must be the most taken-for-granted person in the world.
A sports mom is no different. In fact, she has an even tougher job – that of laying the foundation stones for tomorrow’s heroes. She is the one who gives them the mental strength to become achievers and encouragement when they fail. She is the one who edges them to work hard, applies soothing balm on their tired limbs at nights, feeds them the healthiest, takes care of all their kits, organizes their practice sessions and tournament trips till they are old enough to look after it themselves.

This Mother’s Day, KheloMore salutes the spirit of motherhood by acknowledging her work towards making her children successful athletes without really realizing her contribution.
Here’s one such mom, Priya Bhimani, seen through the eyes of her three sporty daughters:

Trisha, 18, swimmer: “I started competitive swimming at the age of 9. That year, I took part in a lot of local and club tournaments. But within a year I started swimming at National level, representing my school or Maharashtra.
“I used to train for almost 7-8 hours, three times a week. And I have spent almost 6 to 7 years in a pool, practicing or participating in competitions. My mom quit her work around the time I started my competitive swimming. I really don’t know how she managed to keep up with my tournaments across the country while also organizing the house and my two younger sisters.
“My mom doesn’t think much of it, but when I look back now I realize that throughout my swimming years, I didn’t have to ask for anything. My food used to be laid out; my various diets of when I needed protein and when I needed carbs, were well taken care of; my bags were always organized, my costumes sorted out … she managed everything for me! Swimming, like any other sport, is 80% mind and 20% actual physical work. My mom has done the hard work of encouraging me, keeping my morale up at all times and has been at my side always.
“I think I am what I am because of my mom.”


A proud moment for Trisha


Samika, 15, football player: “My sport doesn’t need a constant companion like Trisha’s; it is a team sport after all, but I have had my share of indecisiveness when it came to choosing a sport and mom supported me when I gave up on swimming and badminton before latching onto football.

“I play for an hour and a half three times a week and have two matches every week. My mom keeps a close watch on my diet and sorts out my kit and clothes always.

“I’d like to say – “Never ever take your mother for granted because they only have your best interest at heart.””

Samika at one of her football matches


Sia, 12, gymnast: “I do aerial gymnastics; I started two years ago. Although, it is not like competitive swimming or football, it has its own share of physical activity which mom supports extensively by guiding me with my stretches, making me eat the right food at the right time and keeping myself hydrated.

“I feel that mom always appreciates me for what I do and always supports me.”


Do you agree that your mother’s at the helm of your sporting ways?

Write back to us with your favorite sporting mom-moment!

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