Lakshdham Great Opening Start in the First Half bought them the Victory

Venue: MSSA Ground

Lakshdham Vs Gokuldham

The game started with both sides moving the ball with purpose. Lakshdham got the hang of it earlier and scored within first 5 minutes from an impeccable cross from the right wing.Lakshdham started dictating the game, gaining confidence from early lead. There were meaningful runs by Shivananda in the wings to give problems to Gokuldham defense. Aahan scored from a direct free kick, 25 yards out after 16 minutes. Wing movement is commendable from Aahan and Shivananda for Lakshdham and they finally lead 2:0 in the break.

First half : 2:0

Gokuldham came strongly after the break and Maahir took on from last game and posed problems early on. Daniel scored free kick from similar position as in first half from opposition, 25 yard out. Lakshdham got the hold of the game with time and started putting passes together.Another good free kick by Maahir saved by Aaditya of Lakshdham. In the end, Manish led Lakshdham to Victory.

Full Time: 2:1

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