Goregaon Vibgyor’s Girls Win the U-13 MSSA Basketball Tournament

Finals: Basketball U-13 Girls

Venue: MSSA Ground, Basketball court

Match: Vibgyor (Goregaon) VS St. Anthony High School (A) (Chembur)

Time: 12:00 PM

The Vibgyor girls were very pumped up and quite confident of repeating the U-16 girls glory. As soon as the match began, Riccha Ravi, their top performer, since the beginning of the tournament, scored the basket. The girls at St. Anthony tried very hard to come back in the match but by the end of the first quarter, Vibgyor Girls’ were leading by 5 – 0.

In the second quarter there was some change in fortune for the St. Anthony Girls, as they scored not only two baskets, but also didn’t allow Vibgyor Girls to score, showing great defense. At the end of the second half, the scores were 2 – 5. As soon as the 3rd quarter began, Vibgyor Girls controlled the match and by the end of this quarter, the score was 2 – 10! In the 4th quarter, nobody could match Kaitlyn Machado and Richa Ravi’s excellent dribbling skills which sealed the fate of the match, scoring 11 points and 8 points respectively for their team. They won the match without any hassle by 2 -26.

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