Ahmed Sailor U16 Boys League

Venue: Sports Authority Of India (S.A.I) Akurli, Kandivali East


Date Day Time Group Team Vs Team
13/09/2017 Wednesday 9:00 B-16-A St.Stanislaus(Bandra) Vs Dr Antonio Dasilva(Dadar)
Wednesday 10:00 B-16-B O.L.Of Dolours (Marine Lines) Vs St.Anne’s H.s (Malad)
Wednesday 11:00 B-16-B St.Andrews (Bandra) Vs H.V.B Academy (Marine Lines)
Wednesday 12:00 B-16-C Children Academy(Malad) Vs St.Dominic Savio(Andheri)
Wednesday 1:00 B-16-C St.Joseph H.S (Malad) Vs Don Bosco H.S (Borivali)
15/09/2017 Friday 9:00 B-16-A St.Stanislaus(Bandra) Vs Rustomjee International(Dahisar)
Friday 10:00 B-16-B O.L.Of Dolours (Marine Lines) Vs St.Andrews (Bandra)
Friday 11:00 B-16-B St.Anne’s H.s (Malad) Vs H.V.B Academy (Marine Lines)
Friday 12:00 B-16-C Children Academy(Malad) Vs St.Joseph H.S (Malad)
Friday 1:00 B-16-C Don Bosco H.S (Borivali) Vs St.Dominic Savio(Andheri)
Friday 2:00 B-16-D Don Bosco(Matunga) Vs St.Lawrence (Borivali)
16/9/2017 Saturday 9:00 B-16-A Dr Antonio Dasilva(Dadar) Vs Rustomjee International(Dahisar)
18/9/2017 Monday 9:00 B-16-B O.L.Of Dolours (Marine Lines) Vs H.V.B Academy (Marine Lines)
Monday 10:00 B-16-B St.Anne’s H.s (Malad) Vs St.Andrews (Bandra)
Monday 11:00 B-16-D Don Bosco(Matunga) Vs N.M Joshi (Parel)
Monday 12:00 B-16-D St.Lawrence (Borivali) Vs CBM (Antop Hill)
Monday 1:00 B-16-C Children Academy(Malad) Vs Don Bosco H.S (Borivali)
Monday 2:00 B-16-C St.Joseph H.S (Malad) Vs St.Dominic Savio(Andheri)
20/9/2017 Wednesday 9:00 B-16-D Don Bosco(Matunga) Vs CBM (Antop Hill)
Wednesday 10:00 B-16-D St.Lawrence (Borivali) Vs N.M Joshi (Parel)
21/09/2017 Thursday 9:00 B-16-QF-1 Winner A Vs Runner Up C
Thursday 10:00 B-16-QF-2 Winner D Vs Runner Up B
Thursday 11:00 B-16-QF-3 Winner C Vs Runner Up D
Thursday 12:00 B-16-QF-4 Winner B Vs Runner Up A
23/09/2017 Saturday 11:00 Semi Final 1 Winner of 1st QF Vs Winner of 2nd QF
Saturday 12:00 Semi Final 2 Winner of 3rd QF Vs Winner of 4th QF
25/09/2017 Monday 10:00 Third Place Looser Of 1st Semi final Vs Looser of 2nd semi Final
12:00 Final Winner of 1st Semi Final Vs Winner of 2nd Semi Final

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