Aditya Birla baskets down Bombay Scottish

Bombay Scottish Mahim putting their best effort to past against Aditya Birla Tardeo

Girls U/16

Venue: MSSA Castrol Basketball Court

It was a one-sided contest between the two well-prepared sides. The game started interestingly with clever strategies from Bombay Scottish to pin down Aditya Birla in the 1st quarter but failing on few occasions to do so. On the other side, Aditya Birla went full throttle with their aggressive game, converting zero to half to full chances.  Aditya Birla had the maximum possession for the rest of the game, dominating Bombay Scottish with regular baskets, leaving them frustrated and helpless. It was evident that Bombay Scottish were defensive with fouls to devamp Aditya Birla. It didn’t affect them much as they won 31 – 04

The jubilant Aditya Birla Tardeo team after the victory

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