5 Tips on Parenting a Hyperactive Child in the Lockdown

Hyperactive child


Is your young one hyperactive? Does he/she like to play a sport? Is keeping your champ occupied during this lock down getting difficult? As parents, you may have received gallons of advice on how to deal with a hyperactive child but with lack of outdoor activity your child may be bored, bickering and aggressive. As per research, sports and physical movement is seen to help with hyperactivity. Experts believe that athletics can help a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder find a constructive way to focus their passion, attention, and energy. Parenting a hyperactive child can be tough but this pandemic can prove to be a fruitful time to not only occupy but also nurture the athlete in your child. 

Here are 5 parenting tips to help deal with a hyperactive child and how sports will aid your purpose while at home:

1.Physical exercise:  Children with hyperactivity may be prone to obesity. Physical exercise or a sport can help them avoid problems in adulthood as well as burn excessive energy in a healthy way.


 2.Create a structure: Draw up a fun yet disciplined routine for your child. To organize rituals around meals, playtime, TV time, bedtime, etc can make your child feel occupied throughout the day. Also, ensure to divide his tasks into manageable segments along with specifying a specific place for studying, eating, playing respectively.


3.Avoid stimulants: Regulate their sleep patterns and ensure they get a complete 8 hours of sleep and rest so as to help them be calmer. Avoid giving them stimulants like sugar or coffee that may deprive them of sleep close to their bedtime hours. 


4.Use a child lock: Maintain supervision on what kinds of content your child is consuming. TV can be a distraction that promotes aggression and impulsivity through its content. Watching aggressive movies or shows can influence your child into expressing his energy in a similar way. Such content can make a child passive aggressive.


5.Individual sports: Team sports can cause trouble with hyperactivity. A hyperactive child can flourish and breed sports skills when he/she receives complete attention from a coach. Coaching and individual counselling can help your child reap the benefits of sports and regular exercise. You may wonder how to facilitate the same during a lock down. KheloMore has organised online sports and sports counselling sessions that can boost your child’s growth, keep them occupied and lessen your worries. 


These are a few tips and tricks that can help you manage and occupy your hyperactive child. The question arising in your mind is how online lessons may help your child while he has already turned your home into a playground. KheloMore conducts sessions with expert coaches and minimum equipment that can entertain and teach your child while keeping things in order. We lay emphasis on fitness for kids, both physical and mental. Soccer, tennis, and football are particularly seen as constructive with children that are hyperactive. These sports are effective even with children that are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Let your champs be themselves and make hyperactivity an opportunity to get skilled. Check out our online sports sessions in various sports. Book your trial session now! 


-Hritika Ahuja

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