4 ways to get kids excited about exercises

‘Organized’ and ‘kids’ do not go together. And it is understandable. Children like to be left free – their minds cannot understand boundaries and organizing anything is akin to imprisonment for them.

As they grow, of course, they learn to respect boundaries, rules etc. But sometimes their minds as well as their bodies need to be trained to attain that respect, from a younger age. So, as children grow out of their pre-schooler phase, it is advisable to get them into organized physical activities as opposed to ‘free-play’.

Photo Credit: The Indian Heights School

Kids need 30 minutes of exercise daily. This can be anything that gets them to exert themselves physically and get active. Caution: They DON’T have to do a gym routine. Their ‘exercise’ should be a fun event.

Set an example:

Yes, it all begins with you. If you only use words to get them to get off the couches, they will never do it happily. You will have to set an example by being physically active yourself. So, make exercise a part of your daily routine; looking at you, your child is going to be inspired.

Invite friends:

Getting them to get physically active with their friends is the best way to motivate children. Since they are naturally social, doing fun activities with friends, be it kiddie yoga or a running session or an hour on the jungle gym will be something that they will look forward to.

Mix it up:

Do not do the same routine everyday. Kids get easily bored and it is advisable to shift their routines between swimming session or a bike ride or just a nature’s hike.

Make choosing a game:

Just so you rotate the different activities; you could make choosing them a game too. You could throw in some chits in a jar and take turns picking them out….

Watch what you say:

Unknown to you, your child is observing you, listening to you. Talk of exercise as a way to stay healthy and do not portray it as a form of punishment. When kids associate fitness with fun, they will want to do it everyday!

Make fitness and sport a family affair and see how kids will blossom under the effortless bonding.

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