What makes a goalkeeper?

Most important place in the team, a goal keeper is usually seen as a team member first to be blamed and last to be credited! It is not easy being a goal keeper, no sir! A striker could goof around and shoot blanks, and yet one stoppage could make him the hero; all this while, a goal keeper could make Superman-like saves the entire game and yet turn out to be the villain for one blunder!

Probably, that is what makes the job of a goalkeeper more challenging, more interesting and very desirable.

Here are 5 things required to make a good goal keeper —

1. Focus

Everything in that game depends on your focus; whether the ball is away or close.

2. Quickness

Be quick with your thoughts and actions. You have to be able to cover the box quickly and make your decisions fast; the game depends on it.

3. Judgement

Try to judge your opponent’s body language – don’t rush out and hope for the best.

4. Tough

You’ve got to be tough, you’ve got to be fearless. Pre-requisite.

5. Confidence

Have confidence in yourself; very important. Don’t let mistakes discourage you.


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