Sport’s the way!

It’s International Sports Day! It is the day for us to appreciate the importance of sport in our lives. Here are some celebrities sharing the importance of sports in their lives!

Saiyami Kher

“Sport is my first love!

“It has taught me to love, and it taught me to lose.

“It taught me to work hard, play by the rules & be focused on my goal; it has taught me to be a humble winner and most importantly, to chin up and fight every time I face disappointment.

“Who knew that holding a racket, shuttle or a Cricket bat would prepare me for the game of life!”

Shreyas Iyer

“Sports has played a massive role in my life; it has changed me inside out as a person, not just physically but also mentally!

“It has made me responsible and taught me discipline; made me realize that there is no shortcut or substitute for hard work.”

Signing off with his favourite quote — “They tried to bury me, but they didn’t know I was a seed.”

Lakshya Sen

“Sports helps me stay fit, eat healthy and handle tough situations. It has taught me discipline, how to deal with failures and the spirit of teamwork.

“Sports also helps me meet new people and explore different cultures while I travel across the world.”

Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

“Sports has given me a purpose in life; a discipline and direction that is necessary for success. I am what I am thanks to football.”

Rani Rampal

“Coming from a rural background, I was the first in my family to play any sport!  When I started playing hockey, I have never thought I will reach where I am today. Yes, sport has definitely changed me and I have learnt a lot from it in the last few years.

“Today, not just me, but also my family is respected because of my achievements; changing our life overall. I am glad hockey came into my life when it did!”


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