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Since ancient times, Guru or teacher has been given equal, if not more importance than the parents in a child’s life. In fact, the teacher is considered akin to the Almighty. And why not? After all, the teacher is the one who is responsible for instilling the life skills in their student; showing them the way while imparting with necessary and crucial knowledge.

It is only natural that students who have always, only gained from their teachers, love to show their gratitude; and what better way that the Teachers’ Day for that. Yes, 5 September is celebrated as Teachers’ Day in India, marking the birth anniversary of independent India’s 2nd President, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

While we talk of teachers and their contribution to a child’s welfare, we at KheloMore, true to our sporting spirit, dedicate this special day to all those coaches who have dedicated themselves in the sporting journey of many young Indian athletes.

I would say India’s classic, hardworking and match winning batsman – Ajinkya Rahane, talk about his special coach—

“I would like to dedicate this Teachers’ Day to Pravin Amre; especially because of the way he has supported me and backed me during my tough times!

“I still remember this one particular incident – I wasn’t able to score enough runs, as a result feeling a bit low on confidence. And then out of blue I get a call from Amre sir; he wasn’t even my coach at that time, and said to me, ‘This isn’t the time to be sitting at home; get up, come, let us start you on your nets. Hard work is what is in your hands, and you should not be afraid of it. You are a very good batsman and you should be spending your time in the nets and playing matches!’

“What a boost of confidence I got! I really played well in my very next match and I haven’t looked back ever since!”

Do you have any such dedication to your special coach? Do write back to us.

By: Gandhali Paranjape


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