Don Bosco Matunga (Div 2) wins 6-0 against Colaba Municipal

20th July 2017, MSSA ground, Mumbai

Warm ups before the game!

In an early morning match between Don Bosco, Matunga, and Colaba Municipality, the former emerged as the winning side. After the first 23 tiff-filled minutes of attacks and counters, Bosco’s Atharva scored an opener. This gave the team a boost of confidence leading to 3 consecutive close attempts. The half time whistle blew right after Atharva slipped in another goal through the keeper.


Colaba Municipality was a lot under pressure throughout the rest of the match, making it easier for Don Bosco to score goals. Atharva, the blue eyed boy, scored the hat-trick goal, as a through ball rolled right through centre defence. The substitute striker, Khush, netted a ball in by heading it from the centre box. This lead to another one from the Bosco boys, where Khush placed another ball in the bottom corner, making it a 5 goal lead. The rainy day for Colaba Municipality came to a close, after a ball was tapped in behind the net by Kartik, from a close rebound.


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