19 top-rated cricket venues and turfs in Bangalore

Cricket comes under the most watched sports in India. Top Indian players like Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar can be given the credit for the huge cricket fan following. That’s why several people opt for playing cricket as a profession, hobby, or just for fun. For playing cricket, having the right cricket turf is very important. A cricket turf needs to have a healthy ambiance along with the right pitch and space. All these factors need to be maintained by the authorities. That’s why we have brought the list of 19 top-rated cricket venues and turfs in Bangalore.

Whether you want to practice or want to organize a match, these turfs or cricket venues can fulfill all your requirements. The cricket turf needs to manage the pitch, seating space, grass, and other facilities. From time to time rolling, cutting of the grass, spraying of chemicals to avoid infections, cleaning, etc. needs to be done.

1. Rush Arena

The cricket turf is situated in Rajajinagar. It is one of the lushest green cricket turfs in Bangalore. The space provides a very refreshing atmosphere for playing.

If you want to book this cricket turf in Bangalore then thorough permission will be needed. The pricing starts from Rs. 800 for the main cricket turf. It offers facilities like pitch, water, cleaning, pavilion, stumps, matting, etc. Maximum 12 players can come to the place at a time. It remains open 24X7.

2. Tiger 5- Manyata Tech park

The turf offers a complete support service for various sports like cricket, football, etc. If you are looking for a prestigious cricket turf in Bangalore then Tiger 5 is the option.

They are experienced in conducting high-grade professional matches. They have a spacious infrastructure of 25,000 sq ft which can accommodate 400 people at a time.

You can also book this place for birthday parties or other celebrations. It also offers coaching for budding players and kids. The place is situated in Nagavara.

3. Pro Legacy Sports Academy

If you are looking for a cement cricket pitch in Bangalore then Pro Legacy Sports Academy is the right option. The pitch is well maintained and offers a great playing experience.

The turf also provides a pavilion and seating space. Moreover, the cricket turf is surrounded by fencing so you get zero external disturbance while playing. Other facilities include a washroom, changing room, etc. The timings are from 4:30 am to 11:30 pm. The place offers services for box cricket and football. They also provide cricket nets for practicing. They also offer to coach.

4. Planet Sports

With its prime location, it is one of the best cricket turfs in Bangalore. The spectacular viewing location attracts various companies for advertisement.

You can simply register for the turf by using an app. The cost varies depending upon the time and booking demands of the cricket turf. It offers facilities like changing room, washroom, seating space, etc.

5. Sports Habitat

Due to its ample space and size, it is one of the most popular cricket turfs in Bangalore. Players regularly come here to do various fitness exercises.

The cricket turf hosts large-scale matches. If you want to host a match with a huge audience, then you don’t need to worry. The turf offers various sports facilities like football, basketball, etc. It also provides washroom facilities.

6. Rush Arena

It is one of the most prestigious sports arena and cricket turfs in Bangalore. It offers integrated support for various sports including football, tennis, etc.

The main turf offers support for cricket as well as football. The place offers various facilities like parking, washroom, floodlights, etc.

7. Score Bengaluru

The great ambiance and peaceful environment are some of the best qualities of this cricket turf in Bangalore. You can see incredible sunset views from this turf.

The turf has hosted various top-level matches. The place offers a well-maintained pitch along with cleaning facilities. They support badminton, football, box cricket, beach volleyball, fun football, basketball, and swimming.

8. Dribble Arena

Enjoy your game on FIFA-certified pitches with Dribble Arena. The sports arena proffers various entertainment as well sports activities together.

It has resources for supporting outdoor as well as indoor sports. It has a rooftop pitch that offers amazing views. They provide facilities like a washroom, cleaning, etc. The pricing starts from Rs.1500 per hour.

9. Golden Leg Football Court

The place provides 5 turfs which support football as well as cricket. It has facilities for various sports including football and cricket.

It also offers net pitches, skating rinks, gears, table tennis, archery, etc. The pricing starts from Rs. 500.

10. The Banana Kick

The Academy offers a cricket turf for the practice as well as matches. It also provides cricket coaching for kids as well as budding players.

The place was set up in 2015 in Sanjay Nagar. The joining age is from 5 years to 15 years for the coaching. They have services for 7 a side football, cricket, etc.

11. Matchday

The place is situated in a very prime location. The serene views and the surrounding pine trees proffer a great ambiance to play.

They have two turfs for cricket as well as football matches. It offers facilities like cleaning, washroom, etc. It operates from 6 am to 12 am.

12. Kixpress

Next on our list is Kixpress which provides services for various sports. The lush green environment creates a great ambiance.

With its vast infrastructure, it is one of the best cricket turfs in Bangalore. It also offers space for football along with a mud-matting wicket. It provides various facilities like a washroom, pavilion, changing room, pitch, swimming, football, etc. For the pricing, you will need to directly contact the authorities.

13. Sports Drome

The place offers an integrated support facility infrastructure for various sports. It has 5 courts and 5 turfs. It offers facilities like cleaning, changing room, lights, etc.

The timings of operation are from 6 am to 11 pm. It is located in JP Nagar.

14. Sportingo

The place has an amazing ambiance to play with a rooftop spot. It has services for football, cricket, etc. You can book the place at very affordable prices.

It is located near Rajarashwari Nagar around Trident Renault. The place has a well-maintained pitch for an amazing experience.

15. Omegs Football Arena

It has huge spacious cricket turfs in Bangalore. The place also provides coaching for the kids. They have lush green infrastructure along with well-maintained turfs.

Omegs football arena offers a great experience to the players with its efficient management.  

16. Banglore football Turf

 It is one of the most functional cricket turfs in Bangalore. It has a well-maintained cricket turf along with other sports facilities.

It offers services to various sports like tennis, badminton, football, etc. It also offers summercamps with AIFF level coachings. The pricing starts from Rs. 2800 for a 7X7 turf.

17. Play arena

The place offers services for various sports along with cricket. It has lush green practice turfs along with indoor games facilities.

You can also book it for various celebrations and event executions. The place provides an integrated space for having fun.

18. The Bull Ring

Last but not least on our list is The Bull Ring. It is one of the best cricket turfs in Bangalore. The place has a beautiful ambiance along with a spacious building.

It provides infrastructure for cricket as well as football. It is one of the best cricket turfs in Bangalore because of its infrastructure and support services. The pricing starts from Rs. 6000 for a 3 side turf. It can host games in a zorb ball.

19. The Majesstine Sports

The cricket turf provides integrated support. They have services for badminton, cricket, swimming, etc. They provide summer and winter camps of training.

It operates from 5 am to 11 pm. They have Li-Ning store at the venue, Olympic LED lights, teak wooden flooring, kids’ play arena, etc. Non-marking shoes are mandatory to play. They also provide sports equipment for rent.

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