10 things your little athlete could be thinking

Low angle view of a boy holding a trophy

One thing I’ve always been curious about is “what do athletes think when they are on field/court?”

Well, most of the time, they are thinking of nothing but rather concentrating on the next delivery and how best to play it; but younger athletes, especially when they practice, could be thinking of ANYTHING!

And they’re not going to actually sit down and tell us what they think; these things are gleaned out of them through series of innocent conversations. Such conversations, with my kids as well as many of their athlete friends have led to the following… I bet you could be thinking on similar lines.

  1. I wish I were a champion right now!

    Many a times, children are wont to go daydreaming… While practicing their sport, they sometimes start imagining how it would be if they were actually a champion, especially after shooting a particular goal or a basket.

  2. Is my coach going to yell at me?

    Sometimes, some coaches tend to instill a fear among their pupils. They pull up the athlete even for a smallest mistake; making the athlete a little apprehensive about their practice performance…

  3. What is the point of running so much if I am here to play tennis?

    Children do not understand how everything is connected to the other. All they’ve seen is big players performing on a large platform. The fact that there are years of hard work behind their every success is something they have to be taught everyday. So as a coach if you expect them to do something like running around the tennis court half the time, it will do better to explain to them the benefits of it in their sport later on.

  4. What is happening at home right now?

    Yes, home is their haven. They want to be there more than ever, especially if they know that one of their siblings is there, or parents are home from work. They want to be at two places or just want to know what is going on without them…

  5. Why does so-and-so player act smarter than the coach?

    Many a times, there is that one player in the team who likes to believe they know better than the rest; likely to throw their weight around when the coach’s back is turned or during the breaks. Children don’t know how to actually deal with such kids and tend to get annoyed and irritable or just completely bewildered.

  6. Wonder what my favourite book character would do if they were here..

    If your child is a reader, chances are that they are living in a fantasy world already. They want their favourite character out of the book, along side them; imagining them as their team member… Alternatively, they might behave like they are playing Quidditch instead of football….

  7. This water is so dirty and there are ants floating with us! Yucckkk!

    Kids who swim usually feel really yucky about the floating flora and fauna in their swimming pools; yet, we adults many a times force them to swim because swimming is a great exercise etc etc.

  8. Oh dear, why are these changing rooms so dirty!

    Mostly girls; they dread having a shower in those really dirty changing rooms. They take longer as they have to wash their hair and are afraid of creepy-crawlies making an appearance.

  9. Wonder what’s for dinner…

    They play, they get hungry, they want to eat. But they don’t like to eat what is healthy. So there is a constant thought in their heads about how hungry they are and would their mom have made something ‘not so boring’ for dinner…

  10. Yayyyy, my clothes are dirty!

    Mostly boys, who just thrive in being dirty! In fact, ‘dirty’ is a better medal for them..and they love thinking about the dirt on their clothes and imagining their mother’s shocked expression at the sight of their dirty clothes!


Surely this is not all! I am sure there is a lot I’ve missed… So if you have some thoughts, why don’t you write them in the comments below!

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