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KheloMore is a digital platform bringing together young athletes and coaches/academies online for an exceptional performance off-line.

Up and running since April 2017, KheloMore is all about helping you, as a parent, explore your child’s first step into the land of sports, or further enhance their game-skills. Not just that, KheloMore is also about turning your school-time sporty memories into live action and fitness routine, for the busy professional in you!

KheloMore is the need of the hour; never before seen, in India or anywhere else in the world; this app is the first of its kind! Today, when India is headed towards a sporting revolution of sorts, KheloMore has stepped in to convert the sports viewers into sports participants. The dream is to encourage as many youngsters as possible, to embrace sports as a lifestyle, from an early age, by facilitating the process of sports participation.

KheloMore is a true marriage between technology and sports – a great team of young, sports enthusiasts who are also extremely technology-savvy – the app has it all; connecting coaches and academies to interested athletes, providing them with CRM tools for effective management of their time and helping parents with the ease of payment.

Besides bringing together coaches/academies with young athletes, KheloMore also has a platform for tournament organisers – KheloMatch. Our platform handles all the backend and digital work for various sports clubs, schools and tournament organisers providing them with easy tools to put out their match schedules, fixtures, team line-ups, pictures and match reports.

Founded by Jatin Paranjape, a combination of sports and business –he is a former Mumbai and India cricketer, with a very strong background in sports marketing as he worked with market leader, Nike, as their Sports Managing Head for almost 10 years in India and Europe – KheloMore has the perfect understanding of what is required by a sportsperson, a coach, a parent, and the workings of the business of sports management.

KheloMore is now available across multiple sports in multiple Indian cities.

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